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01/03/2006 - Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fabulous new year! Tonight was Jamie's first basketball practice. He's playing with NAYA Sports. Let me first say that my son has never really played basketball, much less a sport, but he kept saying he wanted to play soccer, but soccer season isn't until closer to Spring/Summer. So we found him something else. He was all excited about going and all that fun stuff.

Then we got there. Tom and I spent the first hour prying him off of us. He said he was "scared". I don't think he realized how many kids were going to be there. Tom doesn't have the ability to make Jamie do things - and with Jamie, you have to MAKE him do it. Once he's doing it, he has a great time. So after Tom let him sit on the sidelines for 30 minutes and watch, I made him go to the court with me, where he cried and whined and said he was was tired - yes, a nightmare. Those other parents must have thought I was the meanest mother on the planet. But I know Jamie and how he is. If we would have let him leave, he would've never gone back. Anyway, so finally I grab a ball from one of the coaches and throw it to him. We toss it back and forth a few times and I tell him the coach needs it back. Well, that was all it took and he finally got into for the last 20 minutes or so. He ran in the races, tried to shoot a few hoops and I was finally able to get on the sidelines. *laugh* Seriously, it wass me, about forty 4/5/6 year olds and 3 or 4 coaches. But he did it. And he can't wait to go back.

Okay Okay... I told him if he would catch a ball with me I'd take him out for ice cream afterwards. Geez... I know Tom would be calling B/S on me if I didn't confess. He loved his ice cream and is excited to go back (although he knows he doesn't get ice cream every night!)

Oh, so, during the races, Jamie runs across the court and comes back and the coach is egging them on and Jamie GROWLS as he speeds up. Everyone started laughing. What a card. Hey, whatever, he participated!

12/26/2005 - My children are the most spoiled kids on the face of the planet. There. I've admitted it. Santa outdid himself this year. Jamie's big gift was the Acceleracer Acceledrome that he's been asking for the past few months. Cassie's big gift was the Barbie Shop With Me Shopping Cart. They are both in heaven. They also got kid's digital cameras. We hope to start a small section of the photo album of pictures that they take (well, the ones that turn out more than just the ceiling!).

We had told Jamie the night before Santa came that he couldn't play with his toys until he woke us up. So around 7am, he comes into our bedroom. Tom talked him into dozing in our bed for another 30 minutes. He then decided another tact. He woke me up and told me that it was time to open my presents under the tree that he REALLY wanted to give me my gifts *laugh*. I told him I could wait (knowing the jig was up and we would have to get up soon). He kept on about opening presents and then finally:
Jamie: "but Mom, Santa came!"
Me: "He did?"
Jamie: "yeah, I saw it! I got the Hotwheels Acceleracer!"
Me: "You did? Okay, we'll play with it later."
Jamie: "Mom!!!"

Yeah, I'm evil, I know. Anyway, so I get Tom up and we head across the house to wake up Cassie. Too late. As I round the corner I hear "Eeeeeeeeee!" and see a streak make a bee-line for the shopping cart. I guess she was excited! They've had a great time with the cart. I'm really impressed with it actually - She can't figure out exactly how to scan the items yet, but it kind of ignores that stuff if you don't do it right. I think it's great because she can kind of grow with it. The Acceleracer is LOUD. But my biggest complaint is that it's nearly impossible to launch the cars onto the track. We just put them on manually. I can't even get the cars on there. It's big time frustrating. They are both loving the digital cameras. The resolution sucks and I keep waiting for one of them to break, but it's so funny. Jamie's pictures turn out okay, but Cassie keeps putting it on the side of her head... goodness only knows what pictures are going to come out of there!

Another funny story... after Santa had already done his shopping and gotten the wishlist items, Jamie sees this Dinosaur playset in Target and goes ape for it. We can NOT talk this child out of this thing. Jamie is always wanting something so when he saw it at the checkout line, I admit, I pretty much ignored it. Well... that didn't work, he was still asking about it and even asked Santa for it! Great, right? Thank goodness for grandparents! Santa told MiMi about it and MiMi got it for him! I have video of him opening it... too funny! He totally wasn't expecting it! His face is priceless!

So overall, Christmas was great! I got a Misty Volcano for my hermit crab tank, two books I'd been wanting a this heavenly foot massager - oh my, it's fabulous! Much better than anything else I've had! I also got nice new sheets and this cool handheld 20 questions game. Tom got several movies he wanted, a new gaming mouse (which he has named Henry - don't ask me), and lots of hot sauce! *laugh*

12/22/2005 - Just 3 more days until Santa makes his way from the frigid North Pole. Cassie and Jamie are beside themselves with excitement. We got them each a chocolate advent calendar and they love counting down the days each month.  It's been a while, so I'll try to update on the goings-ons...

Jamie had a fabulous birthday party. I simply cannot believe that he is FIVE years old. How did I get a five year old? He was like just born! I must have blinked! His Fear Factor birthday was a hit and I learned my lesson... NO MORE having birthday cakes done by anyone but myself. They made a small error on the writing, but man, I was ticked... sigh... I've just been so busy :( The "stunts" were a huge hits with the kids that attended. We had a dirt eating contest - chocolate pudding with crushed oreos and a gummy worm on top. We also had a balance beam stunt and an egg walk. Okay, before someone else can tell you, yes... okay, I cheated and made my daughter lose. Happy? They had been walking around FOREVER and I knocked her egg off of her spoon so it could be over. Geez! It's not like I murdered anyone! Jamie had the best time and he loved the whole fear factor thing. I didn't think we'd be able to pull it off, but we did! Pictures are in the October folder.

Halloween was a hoot this year! We went to Boo At The Zoo down at the Austin Zoo and the kids had a blast. I have to tell you though, my kids have the coolest MiMi, she has sewn their outfits for the past couple of years and she outdid herself this year. They both had the most adorable monster costumes. Hahahaha... Cassie, well, she wasn't very scary, but she looked like a little snow monster. Jamie told MiMi he wanted big ears because Monsters have big ears, so he got them... *laugh* he loved roaring at the camera for me. Such a nut. Pictures are in the October folder.

Thanksgiving was fine. We went to Tom's grandmothers and did the turkey and family thing. The kids went home with MiMi and PawPaw so we could be free to do Black Friday without the kids (Santa has work to do, you know!)

We closed LAN's Edge right after Thanksgiving. It was time and I think it was great timing to do it. It's sad, but at the same time, Tom can say that he got to live his dream. He's now working with me at OffAssist - it's great having some help and we do work well together. I was starting to consider hiring an employee, so I'm glad to have him onboard!

The tree is decorated, the patio is decorated, the stockings are hung... we just have to wait for Santa to make an appearance. It should be a busy few days... Christmas at Tom's grandmother's house is Friday, then Christmas at his mom's house and then a blissful day home with the kids. It doesn't look like MiMi and PawPaw will stop by this year as they have other plans, so we'll be sure to take lots of pictures. We are even doing a traditional dinner (yeah, I know... me and turkey, we are so gonna have to find a pizza place open... *laugh*)

08/10/2005 - Yeah, I'm officially nuts. We now have pet hermit crabs. See the photo album for details. It started on a whim so I went to Petsmart to buy a set up, but the sold me the wrong freaking stuff so we ended up with a larger set up than we wanted, but I feel bad for these little guys and couldn't leave them to die a slow death because Petsmart are idiots. Anyway... enjoy... and yes they freak me out.

08/08/2005 - We are just back from vacation and had an amazing time! This is the first real family vacation we've ever taken and it was so much fun. Tom and I have sworn to do it again soon... it was so wonderful to relax and not have to worry about the pressures of work and home. The Europeans have it all figured out.... sometimes like 4-6 weeks of vacation a year sounds about right to me!

We left Tuesday morning and headed to Padre Island to visit some friends that live on the intercostal waterway. Their house is wonderful, overlooking the water with this beautiful deck they've almost finished. I'm SO jealous! I miss the water (but not the humidity - I swear I opened the door and my hair immediately went limp... funny!). We hung around there in the early afternoon, letting the kids run around... then we went to the beach for a couple of hours. The kids had a great time! Cassie scares me though, she has NO fear whatsoever. I kept having to chase her back out of the deeper waters. Went back to their house and just relaxed, even the kids seemed to be just enjoying themselves. It was such a nice visit! The adult sat out on the deck for a while talking and drinking (ummm... water,  yeah... water). We got up, took the kiddos out for breakfast and headed out the next day to Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels.

We got to Schlitterbahn the next afternoon and settled into the hotel room. We stayed on site. Which was a great idea because we could walk to the resort entrance to the park, but man, they charge an arm and a leg for staying on property. Not sure the hotel room was up to par, in my opinion, but I find as I get older, I get snooty about stuff like that. Anyway, we had a wonderful time. On the first day, Wednesday we hit the wave pool (which Cassie would have stayed in the entire time had I let her!). Jamie didn't want to go in the deep area, but hung out near the shallow water slide. Cassie kept fighting me to let her go. I swear, she had on a floating, but she doesn't yet have the ability to not go under when the waves hit. After that, we walked around for a bit, went to the kiddie areas. Tom and Jamie went down a very big twisty slide. Jamie got STUCK. Something was wrong with the water shooting down and it didn't push him all the way down. A lifeguard had to climb up and get him. Jamie was FREAKED out. He refused to go on any larger rides after that. We took turns watching the kids at the kiddie area (the best one was this kiddie lagoon, it was small enough and enclosed enough to watch them both alone!) while the adults took turns going down the soda straw slide... which was great! I had such a good time on that thing (but man, it dumps you into river water and it was FREEZING!). Such fun!

The next day we got some tubes and hit the calm circle tube ride. We were the only people on it (we hit it right when they opened), it took the kids a few minutes to get used to it, but after the 2nd rotation, they were okay. We then went on the tube chute. Jamie loved it, Cassie HATED it and screamed the whole way down. It was actually kind of funny, I think she would have been fine but I flipped out of the tube and it took me a few minutes to get back in. It was kind of funny. Tom and Marcy hit another tube ride and we hung out at the kiddie area for a while. We hit the wave pool (again!) and headed back from lunch. After lunch we went to the newer section of the park (Blastenhoff). Jamie went to the pirate ship with Tom while Marcy, Cassie and I went around the Torrent (it's this circle tube ride that has waves you ride on the tubes.. it's awesome but of course, the kids hated it... we made Cassie do it twice anyway (yeah, we are evil). Then we hung at the kiddie's pirate area, took Jamie on the Torrent (he screamed, we did it twice anyway, yeah, really evil). Tom and I did the Black Knight - black pitch dark HUGE freaking ride. I think I screamed the whole way down. It would've been great except you couldn't SEE ANYTHING. Completely freaky!

The following day (Friday) we were figuring out if we wanted to stay there that day or head to Wonder World. Tom was saying how much fun Wonder World was when he was a kid so we decided to go there. BIG mistake. Ugh. It was just "okay" but really, we should have stayed at Schlitterbahn for the day. Cassie freaked in the caves so she and I wandered around, buying souvenirs while she whined to go on the train. An hour later, we all went on the train and went to the "petting zoo" (which was a joke). Anyway... I don't recommend it!

Saturday we spent unpacking and washing and then went to the family reunion for a few hours, but really, the kids were beat so we didn't stay long... anyway, a short vacation, but wonderful! We want to go again next year, but bring a babysitter or something so Tom and I can ride more rides together! All kinds of pictures are up, there will be more once my sister sends me the ones she took, we develop the water camera and download the pictures from Jamie's camera (yeah, he has his own digital camera now, he thinks he's so smart - Tom says he's going to start him his own website for his pictures... we'll see).

06/08/2005 - Am I the worst family diary person ever? As you can see from the pictures, Christmas went over very well, quickly followed by New Years and Cassie's birthday. I still cannot believe that child is 2 already, she think she's 13 though - moody and all! The big news here is that Cassie has finally given up the nursing bit. It's been 2 days and she seems to be okay with it. Goodness knows, I am! It is still bittersweet though. She may be my last baby, afterall!

OffAssist is doing extremely well, LAN's Edge is picking up for the Summer. It's nice and warm, but not oppressively hot yet, here in Austin. We've been spending most evenings at the pool and trying to go once a week to this awesome sprinkler waterscape park we found. The kids are loving it! Jamie is out from preschool for the Summer, so Tom's been keeping this busy while I work during the week. They have been doing lots of crafts and going places and just having some major Daddy fun!

I took a cake decorating class in April (yes, I'm crazy). It was so much fun! Pictures can be found in the April photo album. I had such a great time!

We have plans to visit a friend of mine in Corpus at the beach for a day in August and then spend two days at Schlitterbahn Water Park. I'm so excited! The kids are going to have a blast! Marcy may be able to come to go with us. Gosh, can you believe my LITTLE sister (who is a few inches taller than me) is going to be 18 in December? I still think of her of the tiny little 6 year old she was. Now, she's getting ready to GRADUATE and move on to college!

For those that don't know, I was elected to the Board of Directors over at IVAA (International Virtual Assistants Association). I'm serving as Historian and loving volunteering my time and energy to an organization I've gotten so much support from. Yay, me!

That's it for now... not much else to yap about... I promise to be a little better about the website... I've worked on organizing my pictures a little better so it won't take me so long now!

12/06/2004 - Can you believe it's only 19 days until Christmas? We put up the tree and lights yesterday. The kids LOVED it and they even got along while doing it. I was quite a proud momma!

LAN's Edge is no longer located in Northcross Mall. It's been moved to Furniture Row at the corner of Hwy 183 and Burnet Road behind Highland Lanes. It should be open again soon, we are just fighting to get the permits all taken care of (yay! NOT!). We are excited about the move and look forward to it doing well in the new location. The move took place over Thanksgiving. It's been quite a busy couple of weeks getting that store ready (the inside looks awesome, I'm going to take pictures soon and post them) and my business, OffAssist, has been keeping me on my toes lately as well. 

Other than that, it's been pretty much of the same around here. My sister, Marcy, is flying in on the 18th and spending a couple of weeks with us. We can't wait to have her. It's been a long time since I've had my family with me for Christmas.

11/07/2004 -- I've put up Halloween pictures and a video "interview" with Jamie. He loved me asking him questions and wanted to ask me more!

Halloween was so much fun with these two. Jamie knew exactly what to do... he had NO problems. He showed almost everyone his wings (he was a bat) by holding out his arms. He loved being a bat, good thing too, he'd been asking to be a bat for at least six months! Cassie was a beautiful little devil (yeah, very fitting). Cassie caught on by the 2nd or 3rd house. She'd walk up, wait until Jamie distracted the person and then she'd grab candy out of the bowl. Hahahaha! She would only take one at a time though, it was so funny. She'd grab a piece of candy, put it in her sack, grab another one, put it in her sack. The two of them had a good system, Jamie would ring the bell and say trick or treat and Cassie would say "bye bye" as we were walking on to the next house. What a big girl she was too! She walked the whole way, by herself. We only did about 15 houses and thankfully they didn't get a whole lot of candy.

Well, it appears we are stuck with GW Bush for another 4 years. Blech! I was hopeful he wouldn't win re-election, but what can you do? With a republican run presidency, senate and house, it's pretty scary times. You know me, bleeding heart liberal that I am, I worry about the gay community, then environment and our children's futures. Oh well, enough about that before someone sends me hate mail.

10/16/2004 --Jamie's 4th birthday party was today! What a blast he had. We had it at LAN's Edge and invited his friends and family. They all got to play computer and console games (we had special kid's games installed for the event), have pizza, cake, do the piņata and play some more. We actually had to have the computers all shut down at once to get the kiddos off of them! :) What a wonderful time my little boy had. I put up lots of pictures in the October 2004 section

Jamie is now completely pee trained as far as the potty goes. About 3 weeks ago, I had had it and said "no more pull ups, that's it". So we went into underwear and said "no more". He had a couple of accidents, but Tom decided to take a sterner approach and made him stand in the corner for 15 minutes in his wet underwear when he had an accident. He had exactly 2 accidents and hasn't done it since. He did have a small accident one day when I was tickling him, but really he has done wonderfully. I'm so proud of him. Now if he would poop in the potty...

Cassie likes the potty too! She pees in there twice a day or so. She'll tell me "potty" and start running for it. I don't hold out any hope that she'll actually potty train, but at least I know she has the right idea and sensations.

OffAssist is doing really really well right now.  I have my hands full with it at the moment. Not that I'm complaining, I love my bookkeeping and I have wonderful clients. But it's keeping me hopping these days.

08/09/2004--- Cassie had her 18 month appointment today. She was fine until I took her dress off. That devastated her. She was SO upset. She's taken to loving to wear dresses ALL the time now. She was basically a little broken hearted little girl until we put that dress back on... LOL...

She was 21lb 2oz (10%) and was 25% for height and 80% for head (my kids have the hugest heads I swear).

Doctor was fine with her still nursing, wants me to try to get her to eat some more whole milk yogurt (would prefer whole milk, but I have issues with too much milk and kids, so we are going to have to agree to disagree on that one plus Cassie HATES milk).

No shots or anything, thank goodness... she was already so heartbroken over the dress! LOL!

Did I tell you guys? The past few days she's been calling me MOMMY! *sniff* I wanna be momma again! LOL! She also said Jamie for the first time today... melted my heart...

Also a Jamie funny! I wanted to write this one down so I wouldn't forget it...

The lights went out over here for a couple of hours right as it was getting dark, well, we had an hour of semi light and an hour of darkness. Jamie was completely freaked out at first. Then we had to go through what did work and didn't work...

"Mommy, does the stove work?"
"No, it uses electricity and the electricity is broken right now"
"Mommy, can we turn on the lights?"
"No, it's broken"
"Mommy, does the refrigerator work"
"Mommy, does the TV work"
"Mommy, does my TV work"
"Mommy, does the radio work"
"Mommy, does the CD player work"
"Mommy, does the computer work"
.... and on, and on and on....

We ended up going outside before it got too dark and playing on the patio because it started to get really hot inside the apartment... then it started to get too hot for them outside and they were getting cranky over it so I started a lukewarm bath (still had hot water in the hot water heater thank goodness!) and we all piled in there with candles all over the bathroom. Cassie thought it was WAY COOL, but Jamie was still a little freaked out. We all cooled down nicely and played and splashed (OMG, my bathroom was soaked!) for 45 minutes until the lights came back on.

Can you guess what happened then?

"Mommy, does the stove work now"
"Mommy, does the TV work now"

ROFL... oy oy oy!

07/25/2004 -- Well, I finally did it. I finally got sick of seeing Cassie eat her hair so I took her and had it cut. She has bangs now, but I had the lady just trim off the "fuzz" of the rest of it. She looks so big. I was hoping to let it all grow out, but she just doesn't like for me to mess with it much, I left it long enough that I can still put it up if I want to and she can still have piggy tails, just with bangs. Maybe when she gets older we'll try growing it out. Jamie got a haircut too. They both did really well. I didn't have the camera when I got Cassie's cut (blame Tom, he didn't bring home the charger), but I'll take a picture when I get the camera charged up. Until then, I put up some pics of her in her piggy tails in the July photo album.

07/02/2004 -- Just the general hum drum going on right now. Both kids are growing and just amaze us each and every day. Jamie has been backsliding bad in the potty department. We are at a loss as to what to do, so we are just letting him take the lead. Cassie is Cassie, very determined and has a mind of her own. She's learned a few new words, but still is happy to let Jamie do most of her talking.

I'm STILL trying to drum up a few new clients for my business, OffAssist, they are coming slowly but surely. Summer is in full swing over at LAN's Edge so Tom is keeping busy.

Radijazz finally opened and we got to go a few times. The kids LOVE it and it's great because we can go and play and act silly without having to be out in the heat, which is great for Jamie's eczema. We took him to the doctor again for it and found out baby soap could be drying out his skin even more. I haven't switched him for baby soap thinking it was more moisturizing than regular soap. Oops. Hopefully it will clear up... he has good and bad days with it.

Anyway, not much else going on!

 05/15/2004 -- Jamie and Cassie are the cutest kids to ever walk the Earth. Seriously, they are! Just ask them! :) I haven't updated the website in a long time, there are some new pictures from June 2003's visit to Sea World, Christmas 2003 pictures, and ones from January 2004, February 2004, March 2004 AND April 2004.  I also finally got around to adding the scrapbook pages that Jeannie made. They are so cute, I wish I had the want-to to deal with that stuff, but I guess this website is just one big scrapbook for me, huh? I also put up a video of the kids dancing. You can't miss this one. Jamie was shaking his butt! :) 

Christmas was a nice time, Jamie put reindeer food out before going to bed and swore he saw Rudolph outside the back door. When he woke up, Rudolph had eaten the carrot left for him and Santa had eaten the cookies and drank the milk. Santa even left fake snow all over the living room along with toys and goodies.

Cassie's first birthday has come and gone. I can't believe she's a year old already. The time truly rushes by. Her hair is growing, it's a little past the nape of her neck now. She's still a needy child, but she's getting better. She thinks that her big brother hung the moon and Daddy shined it up just for her. She was so cute on her birthday, she was walking around wanting everyone to pick her up, she wasn't too sure of the cake, but ate a little bit of it. Ha! I wasn't too sure of the cake myself, it didn't turn out how I wanted it to, the duck's head wouldn't stay on right, so we ended up laying it down (see the photo sections for a laugh, it looked like it was being served for dinner or something). Jamie made a special cake for Cassie too.

I celebrated my 29th birthday and Tom and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. It amazes me that we've been married for 11 years, again the time just rushes away from us. I'll be 30 next year, not too sure how I feel about that yet, but I don't have much to complain about, I have 2 wonderful kids and a loving husband, so life is good.

The kids and I went to SC to visit my mom for a month at the end of March and through most of April. They had a great time and I was glad my mom got to spend some time with the kids. The highlights of the trip were dyeing Easter eggs, egg hunting, the Easter Bunny coming, going to a very large park, blowing bubbles in the house and, the biggie in Jamie's eyes, going to the BEACH. Neither of them had been to a beach before and they had a BLAST. The water was 61 degrees, but both Jamie and cousin Marie got into the water and chased the waves. Cassie was content to carry around this shell she found the whole time and play in a large puddle that the tide left as it went out. I'm glad to be home, but I do miss living near an ocean. I grew up near one and then lived in Hawaii for so long... Austin's lakes just aren't the same as driving by and smelling that salt air. I miss it desperately.

Once we got home, the kids and I got rotovirus, which is just awful, that was a miserable 10 days, I'll tell ya that! I'm just glad we are all feeling better now.

Jamie is still working on potty training. He'll go a few days with no pee accidents and then the next day is horrible. He still won't poop in the toilet though. It's frustrating, but hopefully soon...

Anyway, that's the update!

02/04/2004 -- Just a quick update to post about Jamie's first "date" with a girl.  I'm just going to copy what my friend posted, let her tell the story. It was her daughter's birthday:

January 29, as you may remember me whining, was McKinley's 3rd birthday. I
was sick and feeling really wretched, but I managed to get my ass in gear
and at least invite Candy Beauchamp's 3-year-old son, Jamie, out to dinner
with Mack at Chuck-E-Cheese. Donald and I swung by Chez Beauchamp to pick
Jamie up, and he did the sweetest thing: he gave McKinley three chocolate
roses for her birthday. He announced them by waving the plastic florist's
container around and telling McKinley "I brought you flowers! Max, look!"
And she squealed and said thanks and didn't even bother that he called her
Max and it was all very cute and touching.

Once his car seat was installed and we were on our way to the restaurant,
Jamie asked McKinley, "Do you like the flowers?"

"Yes," she answered. "Very pretty."

A few minutes' pause, then Jamie spoke again. "You really like the

"Yes, I like the flowers a lot," she replied.

A few more minutes' pause. Don and I were staring straight ahead, trying to
keep from chuckling at this little exchange. And then...

"Do you really like the flowers I gave you?"

"Yes, Jamie. I like the flowers. I like chocolate."

"I like chocolate, too," he said, and then they launched into a 3 or 4
minute conversation about how wonderful chocolate is. At this point Donald
and I were outright laughing and I was feeling tons better. And THEN...

"Do you like the flowers?"

"I like the flowers. I like chocolate. Thank you, Jamie."

And then they started talking about scenery we were passing. We got to the
restaurant and after we were seated, Jamie fired his last shot in this
angst-filled battle: "I got you flowers. I like the flowers. Do YOU like
the flowers?"

McKinley nodded and then hauled him by the hand up to the "dance floor"
during the music videos. They spent most of the night running around
hand-in-hand and a couple times we caught them kissing one another on the

I'd have given anything to have the video camera with me that night. The
whole thing was just precious and Jamie nearly broke our hearts because he
so earnestly wanted McKinley to like the pretty chocolate roses he brought
to her. It was so "prom night" that we couldn't help but laugh at it,

12/22/2003 -- The Christmas excitement continues around here.  Jamie is now asking each day about Santa.  He's so much fun!  We went ahead and just decorated the tree with homemade stuff.  It turned out really cute and Jamie thinks it's really neat... he calls it HIS tree.  We cut out circles with construction paper and he put stickers on them and we hung them with ribbon.  Tom made one of those looped construction paper chains to go around it.  We also colored in some wooden ornaments and painted them with glitter paint.  It really was a special memory for us all.  We turned on Christmas music and just went for it.

Tom and I are excited to see the kids Christmas morning after Santa does his magic.  We are also looking forward to an entire day... together without having commitments to other things.

Jamie has asked to make cookies so we plan on doing that in the next couple of days. 

12/11/2003 -- Christmas is in full swing around here.  Jamie is all excited about Santa and keeps insisting that it has to snow for Santa to come.  I think he's seen one too many Christmas movies.  The tree is up, it just needs to be decorated.  I'm thinking about just having Jamie help me decorate construction paper cut outs this year and decorating with that.  I bet he would love it.

Jamie's new middle name is "no" and "I don't like".  We are going through a major negative phase and it's driving everyone in the house bonkers.  I'm no longer his best friend, having been replaced by a dead snail he keeps on the patio.  He's still a cutie pie.  At least he has calmed down a little bit with the tantrums, he just turns on the waterworks now.

Cassie is 10 months old today.  We are still not eating much solid food.  I swear this child will be nursing at her 18th birthday party at this rate.  She really likes mac n cheese though.  It seems that she doesn't like jarred food and really could care less about it.  We have had luck with dry things she can pick up.  She doesn't like "wet" foods like green beans or carrots.  Oh well... one day she will eat, right?  Other than that, she can say "Da Da" "Dat" (for that) and apparently I am "Ya Ba".  Okay, whatever... I'll take it.  She's taking steps all over the place now.. usually 5 or 6 until she loses her footing.

Tom's store is doing okay.  Could be better, could be worse.  Some major stores have closed over the past year and it's really hurt, but what can we do?  We just keep chugging along.

I've decided to give my business a name... OffAssist.  Kind of fits with what I'm doing... off-site office assistance.  Our tagline is "No politics, just results".  I'm working on a website and brochures for it now.

10/22/2003 -- Well, Jamie is 3 years old now.  Wow.  It seems just like yesterday he was born.  I wonder where the time goes.  It's just flown away.  He had a great birthday with 12 of his friends at the Sock Hop in Northcross Mall.  It was a blast.  I made teletubby character cupcakes and a teletubby home cake.  He got plenty of clothes for the Winter (yay!) and more toys.  So, he's a big boy now!  He's such a loving little boy perfect in (near) every way.

Cassie is doing well.  She slept through the pizza and cake at Jamie's party so it was nice to be able to spend that time with Jamie.  She's about 15-1/2 pounds as of 2 weeks ago, so she's a growing girl.  We are still nursing and I'm very proud of myself (and her) for that.  She's still resisting solids unless they are something she do herself, so we are doing some Zwieback Toast and some of those Wagon Wheels things, as well as Rice Crispies and Cheerios.  She'll eat some things off of a spoon, but it's touch and go and usually no more than an ounce.  I'm not all that worried about it, it's actually funny the face she makes when I try to feed her!

Work is crazy for me and for Tom, so we are constantly in motion.

09/28/2003 -- It's been a crazy couple of months.  My mother turned 50 at the end of August and I drove with my sister in law and both kids from Austin to Charleston.  What a crazy drive!  It really wasn't all that bad though.  We drove at night to make it easier for the kids.  We actually drove straight through on the way back.  It was a surprise party for my mom.  She didn't know I was coming in, so I'm happy she got to see the kids (and meet Cassie).  I often wish we lived closer so that I could be with her.  I miss my mom so much... I've always been very close to her and I don't think I will ever get used to not having her right here with me when I need her.

Cassie got her first tooth the day of mom's party (August 30) and the 2nd one showed up a couple of weeks later.  She took her first steps the day we got home for her daddy.  Yes.  My 7 month old took a step.  She hasn't done it again, but is cruising the furniture pretty well now.  She's finally over 15 pounds now, the little love.  She was 15lb 4.8oz last week.  She's said Momma a few times, but mainly she's just babbling a lot.  She has an amazing smile and laugh and loves her big brother to pieces.  She thinks his sole purpose in life is to entertain her :)

Jamie is doing well.  He actually peed in the potty a couple of days ago, but nothing since.  I told him if he does it again, we will go to the store and buy him sidewalk chalk.  I think he's really conflicted right now because he doesn't want to give up his diapers, but wants to learn to use the potty.  I'm kind of taking it easy on him because we are moving (more on that in a minute).  He has this "thing" going... he keeps saying "What's the one day?" over and over again.  I think this is because I told him I'd take him back to Sea World again "one day" so he's wanting to know WHEN.  ;)  He picked up a frog last night while outside with Tom (lovely).  He's such a little boy.  I was watching him today.  He went with Jennifer and Kenneth to a family function (I'm packing) and will be spending the night with them.  He had on his backpack like a big boy and just went running down the driveway.  When did that happen?  Did I blink?

We are moving on 9/30 into an apartment.  We sold our house and close on it October 8.  It finally sold.  I'm having kind of nostalgic moments though.  This house is where both of my kids came home from the hospital.  This is where they learned to crawl.  I distinctly remember Jamie walking across the floor between the couches back and forth to Tom and I.  I can still see the faded crayon that couldn't be completely removed from the wall in the dining room from Jamie's artwork.  The stain from Cassie burping up those gross iron drops is still on the bedroom floor.  Anyway, it's time to move.  We need to get closer to LAN's Edge so that Tom can easily get back and forth there.  Right now, it's too much of a drive and having to deal with the traffic.  There are no 3 bedroom apartments in Austin that we could find, so it's a 2 bedroom, but it's pretty roomy and the kids will be okay in the same room for a while.  We don't want to buy another house until we are sure where any future stores will end up being.

Anyway, I've added some pictures and will add some more as soon as we get moved and better set up.  I have tons of pictures from my mom's party and our visit as well as some that are still on the disk.  I need to go through the disks and get them straightened out.

07/18/2003 -- Well, Tom ended up taking Cassie into the office to have her tongue clipped back in early June.  I couldn't do it.  It was seemingly painless and blood free... thank goodness!  Nursing is going much better since then.  She's 5 months old now and is in that happy playful baby stage now.  She and Jamie get into these giggle fits and they are the cutest thing ever.  Jamie is such a wonderful big brother.  He's really adapted well to it.

I cut my hair... big time.  Chopped a bunch of it off (well, I had a salon do it).  My hair is really fine, but pretty thick so there were piles of hair on the floor.  I also colored it, but not a big change... it just has dark red highlights.  I will probably wait and see how it fades and maybe lighten it up a bit in a week or two.  I'll have pics up in a few days.

Tom is still plugging away at LAN's Edge.  It's good that he's able to fulfill his dreams, but it can be cumbersome.  It seems like he's rarely here, always something going on, but that's a good thing.  It looks like we might have big news in this department relatively soon.

I'm still doing my bookkeeping thing from home.  Still looking for more clients.  Know anyone that needs some bookkeeping work done?  ;)

05/27/2003 -- Well, we have found yet another culprit for my low supply and Cassie's lack of weight gain the past month.  She is tongue-tied and will need minor (minor) surgery at Children's Hospital.  They will give her a little gas, snip under her tongue and give her oxygen to wake her back up.  I'm a little bit of a nervous wreck about it, but at least we found it, if a little late.  I had asked the pediatrician about it when she was little, but she said it looked "okay"... I took her to an ENT today and he confirmed what I thought originally.  This can be a cause for her poor seal when nursing and her not nursing exactly right.  Poor kid, I've been pulling her off and putting her back on constantly since she was born trying to correct it, it wasn't even her fault.  It's very minor and it could've been done in his office, but because she's 3.5 months old he said "it's not pretty" and all he could do for her there was give her a needle.  I knew there was NO way I could handle it, so we are going the OR route, plus the nurses will probably give her a Tylenol suppository to help her with the pain afterwards.  I'm told she'll have an ulcer type thing under her tongue for a short while as it heals and it shouldn't interrupt nursing, although her mouth with be sore.

Jamie is doing fine... a quick story for you:

Yesterday we went to Tom's aunt's house for a memorial day cookout.  Both kids were zonked out in the car... I got Cassie inside and went back for Jamie... he was still asleep so I slipped him out of the carseat and carried him inside cradled.  I looked down and had a mommy moment of how cute and beautiful he was... I bent down and kissed his cheek... he promptly burped in my face.  Ahhh... then I remembered he's a little boy still.... LOL! ;)

05/06/2003 -- Wow, having 2 kids is hard work!  We are finally settling down into a routine a little more.  Candy quit her job to work full time at home with her bookkeeping gig.  It was just getting to be too much.  She was working 28 hours for the mobile home place, another 20-30 for LAN's Edge plus some others as well trying to get more clients.  Talk about sleep deprivation (on everyone's part!).

Cassie is doing well.  We've been 4 days now with no bottles or formula!  Yay!  Huge milestone and we are hoping it continues.  Hopefully the supply problems will continue to stay at bay.

Jamie is doing great, in fact, I want to share a conversation I had with him tonight:
Okay... so I thought it was cute (and a little astute for a 2-1/2 year old)...
Him Where'd the clouds go?
Me They went night night.
Him I don't think so.
Him Okay, they go night night
Me That's right.
Him The moon wakes up then?
Me *giggling* Yes, the moon wakes up...

Easter was so much fun!  The Easter Bunny brought Jamie a doctor's kit, a bunch of sand toys (for the rocks at the park) and a little candy.

Well, that's it for now.  Not too much going on right now.

03/03/2003 -- Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage.  That's TEN.  A decade.  We can hardly believe that it was 10 years ago that we said "I do" and never looked back.  Things have changed so much in our lives.  Who would have though that in just 10 years Tom would be living his dream of owning a computer related business and we would have 2 beautiful children.

Cassandra "Cassie" Erin was born on February 11.  Her birthstory and information can be found here.  She is beautiful and Jamie is thrilled to be a big brother.  Jamie lives playing pretend (you can see video of him here).  

We also got a new camera, one that you don't have to fool with the USB, so hopefully updates will be more forthcoming.

Cassie had her 2 week appointment on 2/24.  She was 9lb 3oz (90%), 21-3/4" (95%) and her head was well... HUGE... 95%+ -- she's doing well and while Candy's still having some supply problems with breastfeeding, she is growing like a weed and only getting about 6-8 oz of formula per day.  We are hoping with some things are trying that this can be cut down to breast milk only soon!

01/04/2003 -- Yeah, I know.  It's been months.  Blame Tom.  I had to basically become super wench to get him to finally get the pictures off the camera, so we have pics up UNTIL Christmas, but hey, it's something!  Still no scanner...

Jamie's birthday was wonderful.  We were going to have it at the park, but it rained, so we ended up having it in the house (with a LOAD of people and even more presents!).  But he had a GREAT time.  I made him a construction cake and cupcakes and all the kids tolerated things very well.

Halloween was SO much FUN this year.  We didn't really do anything special, but I did make his duck costume.  He was THE cutest little duck ever and thought he was super cool because he got to be a "duckie, momma, a duckie!"  We trick or treated a couple of people in the mall, then headed to Aunt Donna's house where he raided the candy dish of nearly every sucker in there.

We spent Thanksgiving at Tom's mom's house.  It was really great and Jamie had a wonderful day.  Christmas was full of busy busy busy.  We had a playgroup part in mid-December as well as the family Christmas and we spent Christmas Eve at Jennifer's house.  Christmas day was very relaxing.  We spent it at our house and didn't do anything special.  Jamie got to enjoy the whole day with his "Santa Toys" and his Mommy & Daddy all to himself.  He was in heaven.  I made a Christmas Card, you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

Tom's store had a big shindig New Years Eve night so he spent the night there, Jamie made it until around 11:40 when he conked out.  I watched the "lone star" (yeah, I know, remember I live in Texas... I just shrug my shoulders and say whatever) rise on TV then hit the hay.

Our new addition will be here in about a month.  I still can't believe this pregnancy has gone by SO fast.  No names, yet.  Yes, we know... we are working on it.  Make sure you check out pictures for Sept, Oct, Nov and December as well as my pregnancy journal.

10/11/2002 -- It appears that Jamie lost his recent match with Mike Tyson.  In the past few days, he's managed to get a scratch on his cheek, a big egg on his forehead and a nasty looking busted eye (not his ACTUAL eye, just beside it).  Oh, and something bit him on his chin.  I guess we won't be taking his 2 year portraits anytime soon!  He's all boy right now.  I would upload pictures, but Tom hasn't downloaded them off of the camera yet (it doesn't work on my computer).  You can email him and bug him; the pictures haven't been updated in a month at least.  I also have ultrasound and belly pictures to share, but he hasn't fixed my scanner yet.  daystar@lansedge.com -- go ahead, bombard him, maybe he'll fix it.  ;)

10/04/2002 -- Just to let you know.... Jamie is tickled PINK that he is getting a little sister.  Candy will elaborate over at the pregnancy journal.  We are all so very excited!

The store is opened... we have been having some minor computer glitches that have amounted to a huge pain in the butt, but we are open!  http://www.lansedge.com - we are so proud of the whole venture!

09/14/2002 -- It's been a busy and interesting month around here.  Tom's store will opening in early October, so he and his partners have been working very hard to get things done.  It's been pretty hectic with all of that.

Jamie's birthday is in about a month and we've started planning for that.  We are probably going to do a construction theme because he's really into trucks and tractors right now.  I'm thinking we will do this one at a park because of the number of people that might show up, plus I can throw a few trucks in the gravel on the playground and that will help entertain the little ones.  We've already started thinking of ideas for a cake and found a cake idea online that looks really cute.

That's it for now!  

08/12/2002 -- We went to the family reunion (well Candy and Jamie did, Tom didn't come until Dinner time) and posted pictures in the August Photo Album.  A good time was had by all.  Especially Jamie, who fell asleep 2 minutes after being put into his carseat.  He was FILTHY dirty from playing hard!

Candy is starting to show already, hard to believe it's almost 15 weeks already!  She talks about in her pregnancy journal, 2nd trimester already!  Wow!

Tom's store had a tournament this weekend and it went VERY well.  It was for the Xbox Halo game.  The store will be opening sometime next month.  We will post pictures of the event and the construction here in the next few days on that website, http://www.lansedge.com

07/30/2002 -- Things here are moving right along.  Candy and Jamie went to Nashville the weekend of the 19th to meet up with a bunch of October 2000 babies and their mommies... it was really a lot of fun!  You can see pictures in the July Photo Album.

Tom is working hard on getting his business open.  We hope to be open by mid September.  We have a website for it set up now, LAN's Edge.  We are excited for it finally starting to be a reality.  It is a partnership with his dad and a friend of the family.  Their first tournament is coming up in 2 weeks already!

Candy found out last week that they are cutting her hours at work.  Now she's only working 2 days a week.  Not really sure what to do about that.  We hope we can deal with it and she can work on selling through eBay and stuff until they can add back hours.  They said it was just a temporary situation.  Being pregnant, now is not a good time to start looking for a new job, which she doesn't want to do anyway!

07/06/2002 -- The big news around here is that Jamie has a surprise.  Click HERE to see if you can find his surprise!  Yes, that's right... his shirt says he's going to be a big brother :)  We are very excited, happy and can't wait until February 2003!  This means Candy will start a new pregnancy journal online to bore you with all the details.  You can also follow along with what's going on with the new baby's development by clicking here.

We had a GREAT time on July 4th.  We invited Jennifer, Kenneth, Jeannie, Shawn, Donna, Bill and Jackie over and had chili dogs, hamburgers, and all kinds of goodies.  It was a pretty good day, even if it threatened rain the whole day.  We weren't able to go swimming (too cool outside, yeah in July in central Texas, go figure), so no new pool pics.  Maybe later this month, Beth!  :)  Later we went to Tom's parent's house to shoot fireworks.  Jamie had the BEST time with the sparklers and especially the little snap things you throw on the ground.

06/29/2002 -- Summer is here!  This means the pool has become one of Jamie's favorite places to hang out.  Unfortunately we don't go in there as often as we probably should, but we are enjoying it!  We are having a few family members over on July 4th and cooking out hamburgers and hotdogs, so hopefully we will get some pool pictures up next month.

The professional picture that was taken in the June 2002 photo album is the one where Jamie is wearing the outfit that Beth got him.  We LOVE this outfit; it is so cute.  We don't buy House of Hatten outfits very often, even at the outlet mall, they want $40-$50 for an outfit, but this was a special treat.  We think the picture turned out well, it's not perfectly posed, but it definitely shows off Jamie's personality!

04/08/2002 --  Wow, has it been almost 3 months since we've written anything here?  It's been an amazing 2002 so far.  Candy's Mom (Beth), 14 year old sister (Marcy) and 3 year old niece (Marie) came to visit us the first week in April.  We all had a wonderful time and hope they come back to visit very soon.  Jamie and Marie had a BLAST together, pushing each other on toys and riding the bike together, not to mention the nifty new ball pit Beth bought for Jamie (the other one got a rip in it).  Everyone here is well and happy and looking forward to the Summer and spending time in the swimming pool!  We posted a bunch of pictures today, but are missing a disk, so there will be more coming if we find the missing diskette!

01/12/2002 --  We hope all of our friends and family had a wonderful holiday season!  Our  holiday was wonderful!  We spent Christmas day at our home and, as you've seen from our photos, Santa had a lot of nice gifts for Jamie.  Jennifer and Kenneth spent Christmas Eve at our home and spent the day with us.  It was nice and relaxing.  New Years Eve night, we shot fireworks at Jennifer & Kenneth's house.  Jamie seemed to enjoy the fountain types more than any other, but didn't cry or complain (even though it WAS quite cold outside that night!).  Everyone is doing just fine.  Tom is getting back into the swing of work since taking a couple of weeks off during the holidays and Candy's part-time job is going wonderful.  Jamie had his first haircut today and he was really very good.  You can see pictures in the photo album!

From here down, this was "Jamie's Diary"... we have decided to just do family updates from time to time....

12/02/2001 -- Okay, who is this Santa person and is he REALLY going to  bring me gifts?!?!  Everyone keeps saying "Ho Ho Ho" to me, but all I say back is Ut-Oh-Oh.  I started walking just before Thanksgiving and now it's my preferred mode of transportation.  I had a GREAT birthday and you can see pictures of me and my cake and all the fun I had in the photo album.  My favorite thing to do these days is to drop something and say "ut oh" (well, I usually say Ut-Oh first so everyone can scramble to grab the food I'm getting ready to throw on the floor).  Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

10/03/2001 -- Sorry it's been so long, but I've just been so busy!!  I'm not taking bottles anymore, I decided for myself and it surprised everyone, they all thought I would be hard to give it up.  Who needs those things when I have a straw cup?  I still can't figure out a regular sippy cup, don't know to tilt my head back, but I can drink out of a straw cup like a champ.  I have 8 teeth now.  I can clap, give you five, I say NO-NO and can stand unassisted, walking won't be far off!  I also dance when Mommy sings "Dancin' Dancin' Dancin' Machine".  My birthday is in 2 weeks!!  Mommy and Daddy wanna know where their little baby went!  I don't like bibs and will rip them off of my neck if given the chance (Mommy keeps mentioning pull over the head bibs.. Hmm... I wonder what those are?  Betcha I can get them off too!!).  That's it for now... HUGS and slobbery kisses to everyone!

08/28/2001 --  I had my first very own Happy Meal today!  I had a cheeseburger (which I ate almost 1/2 of) and about 12 french fries.  Mommy even put some coke in my sippy cup and I drank about an ounce.. shhh... don't tell the "real" adults, but it was YUMMY!!  Mommy is also going back to work part time.  Mi-Mi has agreed to come stay with me when Mommy is working.  Yay!!  I LOVE to play with Mi-Mi!!

08/18/2001 -- Baby food is YUCKY!  I don't like it.  I'm not going to eat it anymore (except for the yummy fruits and desserts).  I had a doctor's appointment on 8/9 and I'm a healthy dude!  I only had to get one shot (but I heard them say I have to get FIVE at my next appointment in 3 months!)  I'm 70% for height, 80% for weight and 90% for head size.  The doctor said because I was getting so big that I don't have to drink formula and Mommy and Daddy have started giving me whole milk... YUUMMM!!  I can crawl REALLY fast now and they have to try to catch me.... when they do, they usually tickle me and make me laugh.  I've gotten extremely good with my fingers and can eat a whole pile of Cheerios or Kix before you can blink an eye.  I still have 5 teeth and love to make a crunch noise when putting something crunchy in my mouth. 

07/16/2001 -- I can crawl!  I can crawl!  Finally, I can crawl!  Go see my video!  I started crawling on 07/15, right before Daddy had to go away on a business trip!  Yay!!!

07/14/2001 -- Just a quick entry to say... I can play PEEK-A-BOO!  (We call it Peep-Eye though!).... I put a cover over my head and then jerk it down and look at you smiling until you say Peep-Eye then I do it ALL OVER AGAIN!  I started doing this Friday with Momma.  There's a picture of me doing it as well as a video!  Go see, Go see!  I'm also not liking baby food much anymore.  Lately I've eaten green bean and marinated apple pieces in grape juice (from Gerber Graduates) as well as a little bit of rice with tomato juice on it.  I'm a little slower than other babies, but I'll get there!

07/01/2001 --  I can hold my bottle!!!!  Yay!!!  I started doing it a little right when I turned 8 months old, but now I do it all the time!  Still not crawling, but that's okay... I'm starting to do some light cruising.  Just let me get a hold of something to pull up on and I'm off!  I'm eating Ritz crackers, Gerber Wagon Wheels and Arrowroot cookies all by myself!  AND my hives went away, but Mommy took me outside one day and the mosquitoes got me BAD!

06/12/2001 -- Mommy has said that I'm getting too big too fast.  I love to play and am trying like crazy to crawl, but I get really frustrated when I can't do it.  I can pull up on things and I love to give hugs and kisses.  I'm very social and like to flirt with everyone, even a stranger in the post office!  I'm up to 4 teeth and am working on the fifth one, slowly.  It hurts!!!!  I still have my hives and they don't itch, so Mommy has stopped obsessing over it.  I probably have seasonal allergies, but the doctor can't do anything until I get older.  At least I feel well!  I can eat cookies ALL by myself now and I LOVE to eat solid food from the spoon and will eat ANYTHING you give me, including spinach!

05/08/2001 -- Today I went to the doctor to get shots.  I didn't like it AT ALL.  In fact, when the nurse tried to get me to say Hi, I waved Bye-Bye to her instead!  She was the one that gave me the shots!!  Everyone laughed and said I was SO SMART!  I can also say BaBa now.  And if they don't get my BaBa fast enough I start yelling!  I have two teeth now and am eating again.  I still have hives, but the doctor now thinks it's something caused by the environment.  Mommy and Daddy both have environmental allergies.  It doesn't itch and I don't have a fever.  Mommy's also going to try going back to baby detergent (she switched two months ago and it was fine, but it's just a precaution!).

I weigh 20 pounds, 9 ounces and am 26-1/2" long!  I'm 90% for weight, 90% for head circumference and 25% for height.  Mommy says I'm a short stocky big-headed little boy!  I had to get FIVE shots.  I go back in 3  months, but don't have to get shots then, but they do have to do a blood test.  I still can't flip over from my back to my belly, but can get onto my side.  I pass toys from hand to hand, babble non-stop, rotate my wrist to look at a toy, drop a toy and look to see where it went and can THROW toys!  I can sit up VERY well.  I also push back when Mommy hugs me and I give her open-mouthed slobbery kisses!!

04/27/2001 --  Well, today I'm 6 months and 10 days old!  I can say Daddy, Momma (when I feel like it - usually I call her Na-Na), Da-Da, and Hi (very rarely).  Today my first tooth FINALLY broke through the bottom!  I  surprised Mommy with it by grabbing her finger and biting down.... Mommy said "ouch!".  I also had to go to the doctor today.  Mommy and Daddy were scared I had the CHICKEN POX, but it's only a strange looking case of the hives caused by a virus (another ear infection).  They gave me antibiotics.

We went earlier this month to visit my Granny and the rest of Mommy's family in South Carolina.  I had a GREAT time and did LOTS of new things while I was there.  I can sit up ALL by myself and I was eating REALLY well (although now my teeth kind of hurt, so I'm not eating again).  I got my first cookie (which I choked on and scared everyone, but I was fine).  I got my first tub bath too!  Go to the photo album for April 2001 to see all the fun I had!

03/22/2001 -- VERY big news!  On March 19, 2001, we were in Campwood, Texas for my great-grandfather's funeral.  I decided to brighten everyone's day.  In front of about seven people I said my first word... "Daa-Dee"... not DaDa... Daddy!  I said it probably 12 times.  I also said it to Daddy while he was feeding me my night bottle.  I've said it a few times since then.  Mommy can't catch me saying it on tape, but she did get me saying DaDa.... go to the sounds page to hear!  I was only 5 months and 2 days old when I said my first word.  Everyone is VERY proud of me!!

03/12/2001 -- On Tuesday, 3/6, we had my 4 month appointment.  I did all my tricks for the doctor and nurses.  They all can't  believe how alert I am to everything going on around me.  As you can see from the opening page, I weigh 17 pounds, 4 ounces!!!  I'm a big boy!  The doctor said I can start cereal, so I eat it sometimes.  Sometimes, I don't want it though!  The worse was the shots.  This nice nurse was talking to me and making me giggle, she even gave me some of that yummy grape Tylenol.  BUT, it was a TRICK!!  She gave me FOUR.... yes, FOUR shots in my thighs.  I cried for about 30 seconds, then Mommy picked me up and I laughed at the nurse again.  I play with all my toys now and am really into the toys on my exersaucer.  I LOVE my doorway jumper and will jump and giggle for quite a long time.  The swing is starting to get boring though.  My next doctor's appointment is in 2 months.  I hope I don't have to get shots again!

02/13/2001 --  I'm getting bigger and bigger.  I had to go to the doctor last week for a drool rash on  my chest and I weigh 15 pounds, 3 ounces.  I'm a BIG BOY!  I'm doing all kinds of things now and growing faster and faster.  I can roll over from my belly to my back after trying REALLY hard and complaining the whole time.  I'm laughing big belly laughs and smiling all the time.   I've also figured out how to play with a few of the toys on my exersaucer.  I like to roll the barrel of beads.  They make noise!  I'm also teething and my gums hurt me.  Hopefully a tooth will break through soon, but the doctor says it could be months yet.  I get cranky at night when my gums hurt.  Well, that's all for now.  Make sure you visit the January photo album to see my professional 3 month picture of me and one of my dad at 3 months.  We look a lot alike!  Also, a year ago EXACTLY today, mom and dad found out they were going to have a baby.  Can you believe it was that long ago???

01/12/2001 --  I'm a big boy!  I can sit in my exersaucer!!  Mommy took pictures of me in it, you can find them in the January Photo Album.  I'm growing so fast that everyone wonders where the baby went.  I've been trying to roll over, but get stuck half way and get MAD about it.  Mommy laughs at me.  I'm a smiling, giggling, laughing, cooing and oohing machine.   My favorite toy right now is the burp rag.  I like to rub it between my fingers.   It's light enough that I can pick it up and I can even put it in my mouth if I try hard enough.  I like to play with my hands and fingers and my tongue!  I'll be THREE MONTHS OLD in just 5 days!  Last night Mommy gave me a bath and when she dried me off and put my diaper back on she grabbed my foot and ATE IT!  I laughed and laughed and laughed!  Silly, she can't eat my foot!  I like my bath now and get so excited that I splash water with my feet ALL over the kitchen.

I like sitting up, but I need to be propped up.  I can balance myself for a few seconds, but someone has to be there to help me.  I also like putting things in my mouth.  My favorite thing is to grab Mommy's finger and chew on it.  I can chomp down pretty good too!  Well, hopefully Daddy will scan in the photos from the real camera -- Mommy has some really good ones!  So everyone email daddy at satyrdae@hotmail.com and tell him to hurry up!

12/20/2000 -- Well, I turned 2 months old!  Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of me.  I'm growing up so fast they can't keep up with me.  I like to blow bubbles with my spit and then share it with you!  I also enjoy my bouncy seat now and have been trying to get the little purple seahorse that hangs down.  I WILL get it!  Just as soon as I figure out how.  I get mad sometimes at it when it doesn't come to me to play.  I'm working really hard on my hand-eye coordination and getting my hands to do what I want them to do.  I have started to "hold" my bottle.  Every time Mommy feeds me, my hands automatically go up to "help" her.  At first Mommy thought it was a coincidence, but I do it all the time now.   Auntie Marcy is here visiting me and we are having SO much fun.  She plays with me, sings with me and talks to me.  I love her so much!  I have full head control now and can look around and track a toy that I like to look at.  I'm "talking" a lot and you better listen, because, by goodness, it's IMPORTANT!   Love you all!

11/28/2000 --  Today I am SIX WEEKS OLD!  I'm a big boy now!  We spent Thanksgiving (11/23) with Great Granny Beauchamp and the whole family was there.  EVERYONE held me so I liked it.  I got sick that night though and was crying for two hours which worried Mommy, so she took my temperature and it was 100.5.   The doctor's office and after hours clinic was closed, so the triage nurse told Mommy I had to go to the emergency room!  I'm fine now, but boy what an ordeal!   They stuck me with needles in my back and my hands and took x-rays of my chest and ended up keeping me that night and Friday night for observation.  I just had a cold, but they had to make sure it wasn't an infection or, worse, meningitis!  Everyone is glad I'm feeling better!  The meanest thing they did was put this board on my arm for the IV so I couldn't break the needle moving my arm.  I didn't like it.  Mommy took pictures with the real camera, so we have to wait until she remembers to develop it.   The weighed me in the hospital.  I weighed 10 pounds 13 ounces.  I've grown A LOT!!

I am much much more aware now and turn my head to see things I'm interested in.  I've smiled and am starting to vocalize and make noises.  I like people's voices and faces and if you look at me and talk I'll pay close attention for as long as you'll keep doing it.  I don't like to sleep and will fight it with everything I've got until Mommy gets the bottle and blankie, and then I'm a goner!  Daddy is my big play toy and I can get him to play with me instead of sleeping!

11/22/2000 -- Yesterday was my first day visiting Ms. Barbara.   She's my next door neighbor and she will start babysitting me on Wednesdays and Fridays (Mi-Mi comes on Monday's!) so Mommy can get some work done.  I am awake for 6 hours in the morning usually so Mommy's not getting any work done.  I also like to push up with feet.  Daddy likes to "stand" me up and is convinced I will walk VERY early -- the joke's on him, I want to be carried around as much as possible!   I smile more and more now (but you still got to work to get them).  I'm very observant of everything going on around me and recognize Mommy and Daddy's voices.  I like to concentrate on things.  Mom says it looks like I'm thinking REAL hard about things.  Enjoy the new pictures of me!

11/14/2000 -- Okay, so I'm FOUR WEEKS OLD today!  Geez, it took forever for Mommy to let me get on the computer already.  I mean, I've been running this website since conception, the least she could do is let me personally say hello.  So, to everyone reading this, HELLO!  It's been quite a long 4 weeks.   I'm doing all kinds of fun things, I could hold my head pretty good at birth, but now, I don't really even need anyone to help me.  I can move my head and look around at things.  My cord stump fell off at 9 days old and my first outing (to the mall) was 10 days old.  I had my first doctor's appointment on 10/31 and I weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20.75" inches long!  I'm growing!  I was really interested in people's faces right away and within 2 weeks, Mommy taught me a game.  She sticks out her tongue and I do the same thing!

I'm currently fascinated by the plain white ceiling and light bulbs!  This weekend, I FOUND MY HAND!!!  I was staring at it, moving my fingers around and turning it over, but then -- it stopped moving!!  I got mad!  Mommy laughed at me because she saw that I was moving the wrong hand was getting mad because the one I was looking at wasn't moving.   I haven't done that since, but Mommy said it's some big deal.  I've smiled a few times when someone does something really silly, but I'm not doing it regularly yet -- got to keep them guessing, ya know!  I'm a good baby and really don't cry unless I'm hungry, need a diaper change or am over-tired.  Mi-Mi comes and stays with me every Monday and I LOVE it when she comes.  She holds me ALL DAY LONG and kisses on me.   We made cookies yesterday when she came, but Mommy said I couldn't have one yet.   Mommy says it's good because she needs to do something called payroll on Mondays, but Mi-Mi is going to spoil me rotten!!!  That's okay, because I *LIKE* it!

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