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Cassandra Erin Beauchamp
February 11, 2003
Everything you never wanted to know about Candy's pregnancy with Cassie.

Cassie's Birthstory, told by Candy
Cassie's Birthstory, told by Cynthia (DOULA)
Third Trimester Pregnancy Journal
Second Trimester
Pregnancy Journal
First Trimester
Pregnancy Journal

James Howell Beauchamp
October 17, 2000
Here you can find information about Candy's pregnancy with Jamie - like her Pregnancy Journal (I'll warn you, Candy was a bit "insane" when she was pregnant!) and the birth stories.

Jamie's Birthstory, told by Candy
Jamie's Birthstory
, told by Tom
3rd Trimester
Pregnancy Journal
2nd Trimester
Pregnancy Journal
1st Trimester
Pregnancy Journal

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Candy.  She had quite a hard time with breastfeeding, due to lack of supply (with Jamie and on a smaller scale with Cassie) and is willing to talk to anyone about it if they need help or support, there just doesn't seem to be enough support out there for people with this problem.

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