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Yes, I just said "home movies", the two most frightful words in the English language. It will be painless, I promise. Just click on an image to see the video clip!

You'll need Real Player to view these files. You probably already have it, but can download it FREE by clicking here.

Jamie opening a gift - see the family diary for the story. First he looks shocked and then proclaims "Wow, this is so cool!"
December 24, 2005
Cassie and Cousin Olivia are hugging doggies!
October 2005
What kids? These are dogs! June 2005
Kids rocking out to some classic rock June 2005
Cassie opening a birthday present 02/13/2005
Cassie throwing one major tantrum (I'm an evil mother, I know - A little dark, sorry about that, didn't have time to open up the windows) 12/29/2004
An interview with Jamie, he loved answering questions and didn't want to stop!
Cassie Rocking "Wee" You can hear her say "I swing" 9/24/04
Cassie can go up and down the slide ALL by herself.  07/30/2004
Jamie whining. Ah, to be 3 and have so many problems ;)  07/30/2004
Catching Bubbles - July 2004
Jamie doing flips. A LOT of flips. Feeling Dizzy? May 2004
Jamie and Cassie playing "Ring Around The Rosies". Cassie's a little ahead of the game. May 2004
Jamie and Cassie dancing the night away 05/15/2004
Cassie Walking like a BIG GIRL!  01/12/2004
Jamie and Daddy playing pretend.  03/03/2003
More pretend.  03/03/2003
Even more pretend 03/03/2003

Jamie:  I can walk!  I can walk!  I had been taking steps for a couple of months, but right around Thanksgiving, I let go and am now a walking fool!  November 2001

Jamie:  I can play Peek-A-Boo (we call it Peep-Eye).  No sound.  July 14, 2001

Jamie:  I can FINALLY crawl!!!  No sound, July 16, 2001.

Marie gives Jamie a kiss in April 2001 during our vacation to South Carolina to visit family.  She was SO sweet!!

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